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Thanksgiving Dinner
Ideas for Making a Fabulous Meal

thanksgiving dinner ideas

Does the thought of trying to roast a moist turkey

and have it done on time put you into a panic?

Do you want to impress your guests with
an old fashioned turkey dinner with all the trimmings?

You Can Make Thanksgiving Dinner Easy This Year!

I’m a Midwestern Mom who cooks all the time for my family and friends and I share cooking tips and dinner menus  at  Make Dinner Easy.   For years I've been fielding questions about what kind of turkey to buy or how to make sure the gravy isn't lumpy.

To help take the stress out of Thanksgiving, I've written a guide that includes all the recipes I make for my own family along with tips I often share with my friends when they call in a panic the night before Thanksgiving. As a working mom of 4 kids I know how hard it is to gather recipes, plan out everything that needs to be done and then actually do it! I share my step my step plan so you can make an easy and delicious holiday dinner. 

roast turkey
turkey gravy
pumpkin pie

You Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Day!

With this e-book, you can tell your friends and relatives you will be making delicious holiday dinner:

Thanksgiving dinner menu

The Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas E-Book Includes:

  • Ideas for new Thanksgiving Traditions to start at your house
  • Planning activities you can start up to a month before Thanksgiving
  • Daily to-do list for each day during the week before Thanksgiving
  • Suggestions for figuring out what kind of turkey to buy, how much to buy, and tips for cooking a turkey
  • Brining, Rub, and Basting Recipes for roasting a moist turkey
  • Directions for cleaning and prepping the turkey before roasting
  • A sample Thanksgiving dinner menu, giving you an idea of what to serve
  • Easy and delicious thanksgiving dinner recipes, including a No-Lump Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy Recipe and NEW for 2015 an optional recipe for a no-lump Pan Gravy if you don't want to make the make ahead version.
  • A detailed grocery shopping list, cross-referenced by recipe and organized by aisle to make shopping easier. I've actually included two copies of this so you will have a grocery list to use next year as well!
  • Craft and activity ideas for children
  • Dinner Conversation starters to keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving
  • Bonus – My personal tips and reminders to make the day successful and the dinner delicious

I have condensed all of the information into a 33 page guide which includes photos of many of the recipes.

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Thanks in advance and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

thanksgiving dinner ideas

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Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas E-Book

If you want to take the stress out of Thanksgiving, this e-book can help!

What You Will Receive

This 33 page e-book is a comprehensive guide to making a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with the least amount of stress.

Following your purchase you will receive an e-mail with a link you can open and print this e-book right away. No waiting to go to the bookstore, no waiting for the mail to come. 

Ideas, Recipes, and Cooking Tips

cover page

You will receive a link to download or print a copy of a 33 page, 8.5" x 11" e-book that contains a variety of pictures so you have an idea of what a finished recipe will look like 

A Book That Can Be Read or Easily Referenced

thaksgiving ebook index

On page 3 of this book you will find a Table of Contents to make referencing the sections of this book easier. 

A Detailed Planning Guide

planning thanksgiving dinner

On pages 6-8 you will find a breakdown of activities you can complete in advance so that you don't leave all the planning to the last minute. I even provide a day by day breakdown of what you can do the week of Thanksgiving to get everything done with as little stress as possible. 

Easy to Understand 
Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

thanksgiving dinner recipes

Included in this e-book are all the recipes you need to make a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner. Many of the recipe pages, such as this page for a make ahead/no-lump gravy, include detailed directions and photos to guide you to what the finished dish can look like. I don't care to cook with a lot of processed ingredients so you won't find recipes that rely on those in this e-book. This is real, made from scratch, cooking with wholesome ingredients. 

A One-Page
Printable Grocery Shopping List

thanksgiving dinner shopping list

Just like I do for my weekly menus on Make Dinner Easy , I have included in this e-book a one-page grocery shopping list that is organized by aisle and cross-referenced by recipe. That way if you want to add your own side dish or dessert recipe to the menu it is easy to modify the grocery shopping list that I have provided. I've also included an extra copy of this grocery list for you to use the next time you make a traditional turkey dinner.

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