Lots of New Foods!

by Crystal

I haven’t had time to explore everything at Sunset yet, but I have sampled a few things including:

• Broasted Chicken – I got some legs for my kids for an afterschool snack and they loved them. The coating was light and the chicken was very moist

• Rotisserie Chicken – The chicken was actually only $5.98. I say “only” as the sign by it said $7.98, but that was for the roasted turkey breast that is sold in the same case

• Heidi’s No Sugar Added Apple Strudel – This was sold in a box near the display of bakery items. At $9.99 it was pricy but delicious. I would buy this again.

• “Our Best” Frozen Meatballs. I bought a 32 ounce bag of these, roasted them in the oven and combined with ½ of a jar of “2 Fat Guys BBQ Sauce” sold at Sunset (smoky flavor) and it made a great afterschool snack for the kids. These were good meatballs, a little on the fatty side, but I was able to blot them off after roasting in the oven.

Sunset has a great selection of items I like. They had a wide assortment of good quality chicken broth including Pacific Organic and Kitchen Basics. I also found homemade stock sold in their refrigerated cases across from the bakery. This refrigerated section also had jars of homemade salad dressing, including a yummy creamy peppercorn garlic dressing.

The deli has been packed in the Long Grove location. Some items that I’ve had that I’ve enjoyed are the red skin potato salad with blue cheese, the Cancun chicken salad, fettuccini with sundried tomatoes and spinach, and the sliced tenderloin. Although the tenderloin was expensive, buying a few slices to serve over a salad for dinner might make for a quick dinner.

The produce area was good and offered some convenience items such as pre-chopped onions and celery, and a large variety of fruit. If you haven’t shopped at a Sunset before, make sure to have your produce weighed and priced in the produce section to save time at the register.

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