Kirkwood Stuffed Chicken Breasts

by Theresa
(Easton, Pa.)

These are such a good buy at .99 each. They come in 3 varieties, broccoli & cheese, ham & swiss, or butter and garlic. They require NO prep. and are in and out of the oven in 30 mins. With a salad and a side you are ready to go. Look for them in the freezer section.

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Nov 01, 2023
Bring back broccoli stuffed chicken NEW
by: Marion

I care for 2 young girls and this chicken was one of their favorite meals. I like them too but deferred to them. I'm no longer able to find them. I've checked multiple Aldi stores in MD, DE, NY, and CT. Please bring them back

Jan 30, 2020
Unbreaded stuffed chicken breast
by: Anonymous

You all came out with some AMAZING stuffed chicken breast and had them sold at Aldi. Will you all be selling them again through Aldi because my mom and I went to like 6 different Aldi's to buy this product about 4 months ago and the Aldi stores said that your product was only going to be out for a limited time. My mother and I LOVE your unbreaded Bacon/Cordon Blue stuffed Frozen chicken breasts. We told EVERYONE about them to spread the word and now Aldi's everywhere no longer carry these products. Please bring these products back to the shelf.

Will Aldi ever get these products back?


Feb 07, 2017
Great chicken breast NEW
by: BarbaraAnonymous

Delicious! Aldi's doesn't have any more. Where can I find them?

Jan 09, 2017
Disappointed NEW
by: Linda Carter

My daughter and I used to LOVE your broccoli/cheese stuffed chicken but sometime in the last year or so you changed it, it has much less cheese filling now and is much more bland as a result. I wish you'd change it back. I used to buy 20 at a time and we would eat them up quickly.

Linda Carter
2323 Chesterfield Ave
Charleston WV 25304

Dec 02, 2011
kirkwood chicken tenders
by: Theresa in Pa.

Wow......a new item to watch for! Thanks for your comment.......we don't have the tenders here is Pa......YET!

Dec 02, 2011
Love Kirkwood Chicken Peoducts
by: Cathy Anderson

Just enjoyed Kirkwood Parmesan Chicken Tenders. I went to the local Aldi at Cortez Rd. in Bradenton Florida, and have been unable to obtain more of the same product. Is this product available anywhere else.

Thank you

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