How To Build a Snackadium

A lot of snackadiums are so complicated that it almost seems like you would need a general contractor to construct them.  This version is easy to assemble with the directions outlined.  This is a great way to impress your guests on game day! If you'd like to see ideas for how to fill up your creation once it you can check out the Making a Snackadium Page!  Here is the finished project and steps we used to build it.


My daughter and I came up with this structure after a few trials and errors.  You can be as creative as you want to be but if you want to build something similar to the one we made, here are some suggestions and directions for assembly.

Decide on the Overall Structure

There are many ways to build a snackstadium, we didn't want to do a lot of cardboard cutting or taping so we purchased some basic supplies to construct ours.  I would suggest determining where you will display this on game day which will help determine how large or small yours will be.  Then sketch out a design and make a list of materials you will need.

Materials Needed

We used the following materials

materials for snackadium
  • 2, white tri fold display boards, 48"x36". One was used for the base and then part of another was used as the base for the back wall
  • 4 cardboard magazine holders (12 1/2" x 9 3/4")
  • 4 foam blocks (4.8" x 4.8" look in the floral department for these
  • 6 three-tier multi purpose racks.  These I found in the housewares department and they're used to store spices on.  
  • 6 plastic drawer organizers (3"x9") These are often used to organize silverware
  • 1 foil cake pan (12 3/4" x 9")
  • 3 foil loaf pans 8" x 3 3?4" x 2 1/2"
  • 2-3 sheets of white poster board - large size
  • green plastic table cloth
  • pipe cleaners to attached several of the multi purpose racks together
  • tin foil
  • clear packing tape
  • Food to fill your snackadium!


  1. Decide on your general layout and gather materials
  2. Cover the base board, foam blocks and drawer organizers with green plastic tablecloth material
  3. Wrap the multi purpose racks in foil and secure as necessary with pipe cleaners

      4. Build the outer structure of the stadium using  a combination of part of a foam board and poster
          boards taped together.  We secured these to the base board by angling the poster board a bit
          and taping it to the baseboard.

     5. Stuff the stands (the magazine holders) with a filler such a plastic grocery bags, top with foil and
         hang flags and decorations.

snackadium structureCompleted Snackadium Structure. Just Need To Fill It With Snacks!

Fill with Snacks on Game Day

I would recommend having your structure all put together before your game day party.  Then you just need to fill it with snacks! Check out my related post on Making a Snackadium for ideas of easy appetizers you can make! Since this was a throw-down contest sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes, I used a lot of their recipes which turned out great, We made it a part of the party to have the guests make and fill up the snackadium with snacks.  One of the most challenging aspects was figuring out how to make goal posts that would stand up.  This is why it's great having your friends help.  One of our guests, saw my dilemma, said no problem and he created these great goal posts out of celery and toothpicks

How to build a game day Snackadium

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