Glory Foods Chopped Fresh Kale Greens - Ready to Cook

by Crystal

I love Kale. Although it can be a little bitter, I know it's a nutritious vegetable and good for me and my family to eat. I like to serve it sauteed in olive oil and garlic and it holds up great in soups. Anytime a soup recipe calls for spinach, I usually use kale instead as it doesn't get soggy.

Kale does take a little time to prep, I usually wash it well, cut away the inner stem portion of each leaf and then chop up the leaves. My life just got a little easier! In the produce section at Sunset they carry fresh chopped kale greens in a 16 oz. bag. I now may be eating kale a little more often!

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Mar 26, 2016
kale NEW
by: Anomnymous

How long do I cook the kale in a bag?

Oct 31, 2015
Loved to read your blog. NEW
by: Anonymous

Loved to read your blog. I would like to suggest you that traffic show most people read blogs on Mondays. So it should look at my profile encourage blogger to write new write ups over the weekend primarily.

Sep 20, 2014
Won't but again
by: Sandi

I had a plate full of the hard stems left that are basically inedible. Any recipe you use will tell you to trim that hard part off. It was no convenience at all to cut that off of these. I'll just go back to buying the fresh unbagged bunches of kale. I can strip of that hard stem and chop my own. Very dissappointed.

Oct 03, 2013
Kale chips
by: Zona

I bought a bag of cut up Kale and it tells how to make Kale Chips and it says to bake it 10 to 15 minutes, but it doesn't give an oven temperature.
So do I bake it on high or low heat?

Nov 09, 2012
glory greens are wonderful
by: Anonymous

I love glory chopped greens also.We frequently buy the kale or collard greens.We normally just cook them with a little water with a lid,but also sometimes prepare them with rendered bacon fat or ham hocks,onion,etc.There are frozen and canned greens also,but they never seem to be as good as the fresh chopped variety.Greens are very versatile also and can be served with many foods.We even eat them for breakfast sometimes with porkchops and fried potatoes!

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