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Chicken Thigh Recipes

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken thigh recipes are a favorite of mine. Whenever a beginning cook is looking for a fairly fail-safe chicken recipe I usually point them towards a recipe that calls for chicken thighs as they are usually more uniform in shape, and therefore cook more evenly. In addition, the moistness of the dark meat helps to counteract if the chicken is cooked too long, which is a common problem when people are learning how to cook chicken.

Chicken thighs will either come in a boneless/skinless variety, or come with the bone in and the skin on. The former is the easiest to use but is also usually the most expensive. If you want to save a few pennies, it isn't hard to remove the skin from the thighs. Just insert your thumb under the skin on one piece and pull the skin off with your fingers. In general, any chicken that is cooked with the bone in will be more tender, but chicken thighs are moist, with or without the bone.

The following recipes call for chicken thighs. These recipes can also be found on my Chicken Recipes page along with recipes that call for other types of chicken, but have been grouped here for convenience.

Baked Recipes Using Chicken Thighs

Orange Glazed Chicken
Chicken Roma
Baked Parmesan Chicken
Baked Fried Chicken
Baked Chicken Parmasana

Slow Cooker Recipes Using Chicken Thighs

Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash
Slow Cooker Italian Chicken
Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings
Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken Curry
Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken
Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage Chicken Cassoulet

Recipes for the Grill

Marinated Grilled Chicken

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