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Honest Earth All Natural Creamy Mash Potatoes...(Idahoan product) 
Easy to prepare, smooth texture, excellent flavor. Just compare--competitive products have an array of artificial flavors or dehydrated ingredients that …

Nonfat Greek Yogurt Brand: Fage 
This is a GREAT deal, here at our regular grocery store, you pay about the same for 4 1/2 cup servings as you do for this larger container that holds …

Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork 
Its easy to warm up, you can add your own barbecue sauce and it serves a lot. Only drawback is nitrates.

Honest Earth Creamy Mash Not rated yet
This product really tastes like home-made mashed potatoes but is so easy to prepare. No preservatives, no artificial taste. I have not seen the package …

artichokes in a jar. Or should I say two jars as they changed the packaging Not rated yet
It can be used in so many ways, in a recipe in a salad, as appetizer just anywhere you would use an artichoke heart...

Popchips Not rated yet
I LOVE this product! I try to watch everything I eat and love potato chips, but have stayed away from them for months, especially since I joined weight …

Hampton House Chicken Creations Not rated yet
Not sure if these are available in the US but at the Canadian Costco I bought the Hampton House Chicken Creations - Frozen chicken with grilled mushrooms, …

Frozen Salmon pieces Not rated yet
It is so easy to pull one or two out for a dinner; right from the freezer they are so easy to cook. Handy and healthy.

Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers Not rated yet
These have to be my most favorite cracker. Super crunchy and they hold up with a dip or cheese. Bonus, they're also gluten free. I've had problems …

Laura's Organic Lean Ground beef Not rated yet
Very good price for ground beef that does not have all the hormones added etc.. (if that is important to you) 3 individual 1 lb packs for about $12 easy …

3 pack English Cucumbers Not rated yet
Usually at least a $1 cheaper than the regular grocery store. (if not more)

Earthbound Organic Spring Mix  Not rated yet
You get ALOT for under $5! At the grocery store you are lucky to get 2 for $7 sale of the small containers, this big one would easily hold 3-4 of the grocery …

Brown Rice Crisps (Black Sesame and Sea Salt Not rated yet
I like the simple ingredients. I am on an eating plan, and it is nice to have a crunch with some of my meals during the week. This is a light chip with …

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (by Fisher & Weiser) for marinating meat, salmon, chicken, pork Not rated yet
This marinade offers the unique blend of slightly sweet, a little spicy, and smoky flavor which tastes unbelievable on grilled foods. When Costco does …

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Not rated yet
In the prepared food section, near the fresh pizzas they usually have clear plastic containers of this great tasting Cilantro Lime Shrimp. It's cold shrimp …

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