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Thanksgiving Dinner Doesn't Have to be Hard!

I told a friend I was writing out Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas, her response was that the easiest idea would be for me to make the dinner and bring the food to her house.

While I can’t do that for her or for the followers of this site, I can do the next best thing. I have written up step by step directions and easy recipes to help you make a great Thanksgiving dinner yourself.

If you use this site, you know that I’m a midwestern Mom who cooks all the time for my family and friends. I’ve included in this guide the recipes I make for my own family along with tips I often share with my friends when they call in a panic the night before Thanksgiving. To keep it real, I even share one of my own mishaps to let you know that things can go awry, but with a little planning you can pull off an amazingly easy and amazingly tasty holiday dinner.

The Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas E-Book Includes:

  • Ideas for new Thanksgiving Traditions to start at your house

  • Planning activities you can start up to a month before Thanksgiving

  • Daily to-do list for each day during the week before Thanksgiving

  • Suggestions for figuring out what kind of turkey to buy and how much to buy

  • Brining, Rub, and Basting Recipes for roasting a moist turkey
  • Directions for cleaning and prepping the turkey before roasting

  • A sample dinner menu, giving you an idea of what to serve

  • Easy and delicious recipes, including a No-Lump Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy Recipe!

  • A detailed grocery shopping list, cross-referenced by recipe and organized by aisle to make shopping easier

  • Craft and activity ideas for children

  • Dinner Conversation starters to keep the Thanks in Thanksgiving

  • Bonus – My personal tips and reminders to make the day successful and the dinner delicious

I have condensed all of the information into a 25 page guide which includes photos of many of the recipes. I am offering for sale for $3.99.

You can find some of the recipes on my site for free but this guide provides more than recipes, it gives you a plan that breaks down all the activities you need to do in the weeks coming up to Thanksgiving.